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Online Colloquia:

Colloquium 9

Title: "Analytic Impasse and The Third"
Paper: "Analytic impasse and the third:Clinical implications of intersubjectivity theory"
Running Dates: October 30 - November 19, 2006
Author: Lewis Aron
Moderators: Bruce Reis and Daniel Shaw
Panel: Sheldon Bach, Jessica Benjamin, Marcia Cavell, Peggy Crastnopol, Jody Davies, Sam Gerson, Matti Kleinanen, Michael Shoshani

Notes: Join us as Lewis Aron examines conceptualizations of the third in contemporary intersubjective theory. Utilizing a variety of metaphors (the triangle, the seesaw, strange attractors, and the compass) Dr. Aron explains this often misunderstood concept. Drawing on Jessica Benjamin?s intersubjective theory he shows the direct implications of using this concept in clinical practice, and how the notion of the third is particularly useful in understanding what happens in and in resolving clinical impasses and stalemates of the type addressed in the work of Jody Davies. Through clinical illustration, Dr. Aron shows how therapeutically productive self disclosures are best understood as attempts to create a third point of reference that open up psychic space for self-reflection and mentalization. With clinical illustration Dr. Aron builds on his previous collaboration with Benjamin to demonstrate how the notion of the third facilitates the gradual transformation from relations of complementarity to relations of mutuality.

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CE Credits: 5

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