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RPBS Titles:

The Relational Perspectives Book Series (RPBS), Routledge

Co-Edited by Lewis Aron and Adrienne Harris, the Relational Perspectives Book Series (RPBS) was launched in 1990 under the editorial eye of the late Stephen A. Mitchell, who invited Lewis Aron to join with him as co-editor.  The establishment of the RPBS was an outgrowth of the immediate and dramatic success of Psychoanalytic Dialogues, the same burst of creative energy that led to the creation of IARPP. 

Following Mitchell and Aron (1999), we refer to the relational tradition, rather than to a relational school, to highlight that we are identifying a trend, a tendency within contemporary psychoanalysis, not a more formally organized or coherent school or system of beliefs.  Our use of the term ‘relational’ signifies a dimension of theory and practice that has become salient across the wide spectrum of contemporary psychoanalysis. 

Stephen Mitchell (1956-2000) was a visionary who crafted a broad new perspective that was more a landscape than a strict regimen.  Mitchell was the most prolific and influential of the originators of the relational tradition.  He was committed to dialogue among psychoanalysts and he abhorred the authoritarianism that dictated adherence to a rigid set of beliefs or technical restrictions.  He championed open discussion, comparative and integrative approaches, and he promoted new voices across the generations.

Included in the Relational Perspectives Book Series are authors and works that come from within the relational tradition, extend and develop the tradition, as well as works that critique relational approaches or compare and contrast it with alternative points of view.  The series includes our most distinguished senior psychoanalysts along with younger contributors who bring fresh vision.

Relational Perspectives Book Series Titles:
Lewis Aron and Adrienne Harris, Series Editors
Stephen A. Mitchell, Founding Editor

Volume 21
Peter G.M. Carnochan
Looking for Ground Countertransference and the Problem of Value in Psychoanalysis
0-88163-324-0 2001 432pp. $57.50
Volume 20
Stephen A. Mitchell
Relationality From Attachment to Intersubjectivity
0-88163-322-4 2000 200pp. $39.95
Volume 19
James S. Grotstein
Who is the Dreamer Who Dreams the Dream? A Study of Psychic Presences
0-88163-305-4 2000 336pp. $57.50
Volume 18
Steven H. Cooper
Objects of Hope. Exploring Possibility and Limit in Psychoanalysis
0-88163-271-6 2000 252pp. $49.95
Volume 17
Sue Grand
The Reproduction of Evil. A Clinical and Cultural Perspective
0-88163-261-9 2000 216pp. $36.00
Volume 16
Kenneth A. Frank
Psychoanalytic Participation. Action, Interaction, and Integration
0-88163-273-2 1999 312pp. $47.50
Volume 15
Rochelle G. K. Kainer
The Collapse of the Self and Its Therapeutic Restoration
0-88163-317-8 1999 216pp. $37.50
Volume 14
Stephen A. Mitchell & Lewis Aron, eds.
Relational Psychoanalysis. The Emergence of a Tradition
270-8 1999 536pp. $39.95 (pbk)
Volume 13
Karen J. Maroda
Seduction, Surrender, and Transformation. Emotional Engagement in the Analytic Process
225-2 1999 216pp. $39.95
Volume 12
Lewis Aron & Frances Sommer Anderson, eds.
Relational Perspectives on the Body
343-7 1998 352pp. $36.00 (pbk)
Volume 11
Stuart A. Pizer
Building Bridges. Negotiation of Paradox in Psychoanalysis
170-1 1998 248pp. $45.00
Volume 10
Neil J. Skolnick & David E. Scharff, eds.
Fairbairn, Then and Now
262-7 1998 320pp. $45.00
Volume 9
Stephen A. Mitchell
Influence and Autonomy in Psychoanalysis
240-6 1997 304pp. $45.00
Volume 8
Donnel B. Stern
Unformulated Experience. From Dissociation to Imagination in Psychoanalysis
141-8 1997 312pp. $45.00
Volume 7
Charles Spezzano & Gerald J. Gargiulo, eds.
Soul on the Couch. Spirituality, Religion, and Morality in Contemporary Psychoanalysis
181-7 1997 256pp. $45.00
Volume 6
Barbara Gerson, ed.
The Therapist as a Person. Life Crises, Life Choices, Life Experiences, and Their Effects on Treatment
357-7 1996/2001 328pp. $32.50 (pbk)
Volume 5
Joyce A. Slochower
Holding and Psychoanalysis. A Relational Perspective
200-7 1996 208pp. $36.00
Volume 4
Lewis Aron
A Meeting of Minds. Mutuality in Psychoanalysis
159-0 1996 312pp. $34.50
Volume 3
Neil Altman
The Analyst in the Inner City. Race, Class, and Culture Through a Psychoanalytic Lens
173-6 1995 160pp. $36.00
Volume 2
Charles Spezzano
Affect in Psychoanalysis: A Clinical Synthesis
128-0 1993 272pp. $45.00
Volume 1
Rita Wiley McCleary
Conversing with Uncertainty Practicing Psychotherapy in a Hospital Setting
1992 160pp. 160pp. $29.95