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Online Colloquia:

Colloquium 8

Title: "Loneliness and the Allure of Bodily Cruelty: "The Transgenerational Transmission of Trauma"
Paper: "Loneliness and the Allure of Bodily Cruelty: "The Transgenerational Transmission of Trauma"" - Sue Grand
Running Dates: May 22 - June 11, 2006
Author: Lewis Aron
Moderators: Lisa Lyons, Ph.D., an expert in the area of self-injury, and Daniel Shaw, LCSW, Co-Chair of the IARPP Continuing Education Committee
Panel: Fred Alford, Jeanne Wolf Bernstein, Ghislaine Boulanger, Lynne Layton, Gilead Nachmani, Bruce Reis, Joseph Schwartz

In this next online event we will take up Dr. Sue Grand's groundbreaking investigations into the area of the transgenerational transmission of trauma. Our discussion will take as its starting point chapter 2 in Dr. Grand's (2000) book "The Reproduction of Evil". This chapter, entitled: "Loneliness and the Allure of Bodily Cruelty", will be made available to all IARPP members on the IARPP website.

Clinical issues of traumatic memory phenomena, dissociation, witnessing and the role of the body in work with survivors of trauma will be discussed first by our diverse group of panelists. Then the discussion will be opened worldwide to the larger group of analyst-participants. Plunging into the world of trauma exposes analysts to the very mechanisms responsible for the reproduction of evil. Perpetration and victimization, pain, shame and fear all dominate the transference/countertransference field. Sue Grand is our guide through this terrain of trauma, lighting a way through unseen injuries that refuse to be either remembered or forgotten. The international group of psychoanalysts making up our panel is geographically diverse and each brings varied areas of expertise to bear on this issue of transgenerational transmission of trauma.

The National Institute for the Psychotherapies Training Institute (NIP TI) is approved by the American Psychological Association to offer continuing education for psychologists. NIP TI maintains responsibility for the program.

CE Credits: 5

Members* of IARPP may access the paper and discussion using the following link: http://iarpp.net/archive/index.html.

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