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Candidates Fall Web Seminar

The IARPP Candidates Committee is pleased to announce next fall's Candidates Web Seminar. It will be held on November 6, 2012.  The seminar will be led by Paul Wachtel, a distinguished professor in the Department of Psychology at the City University of New York and author of many books on psychoanalysis. The seminar will last four weeks and will be available to candidates in psychoanalysis and those who have graduated within five years. Formal invitations will be sent out in the early fall. We hope all of you will register!.

We would also like to draw your attention to the Stephen Mitchell Award. This award will be presented at the next IARPP Conference which will be held in Santiago, Chile in November 2013. The award which is offered by the Candidates Committee, is a juried prize. We encourage you to enter a paper for consideration.  Soon, we will publicize the details and deadlines for paper submissions.

We look forward to meeting again at the Candidates Web Seminar.

Orna  Kislasy
Jerusalem, Israel

Deborah Pines

Candidates committee Co-Chairs


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Italian Journal of Relational Psychoanalysis

Maria Luisa Tricoli
Rome, Italy

Ricerca Psicoanalitica, the Italian journal of relational psychoanalysis, is published in Italy by Franco Angeli:http://www.francoangeli.it/riviste/sommario.asp?IDRivista=161&lingua=it.

During its twenty years, it has fostered an invaluable body of work of cultural exchange and the updating and original elaboration of psychoanalytic issues. The journal has always been in touch with the most innovative national and international debates in the field.

Ricerca Psicoanalitica was established in1990 on an initiative of the “Società Italiana di Psicoanalisi della Relazione” (SIPRe) and it is, first of all, a scientifically dedicated journal, faithful to its initial commitment. As the editorial of the very first volume asserts, “Ricerca Psicoanalitica is characterized by two irrevocable choices: clinical usefulness that is strictly connected to an adequate theorization and reflection on the method.”

Still today, our journal aims to be a useful tool, both clinically and theoretically and is oriented particularly devoted to epistemology. “Relation,” as it is written in the same editorial, “first of all means ‘mutual conditioning’ between organism and object, which is the actual context where psychological structures and subjectivities, as well as identities, are formed.” Such a statement sounds like a fulfilled prophecy, because now, twenty years later, it marks an extraordinary turning point in psychoanalysis. I am referring to the impact infant research and the theory of complex systems are having on the study of the mind and on psychoanalysis.

The importance of the non-dynamic unconscious, both in health and in illness, along with the new conception of subjectivity as an eco-self-organized system are being increasingly acknowledged as essential factors in the intense and continuous interaction between subject and world. These front-ranking themes are the Ariadne’s thread which connects our different areas of examination and its different areas of specialization: adult, couple, group, family-psychoanalysis or rather, as we prefer to say, psychoanalysis with the adult, with the couple, with the group, and so on.

Until a few years ago, I was the Associate Editor of Ricerca Psicoanalitica. The present Editor, Alberto Lorenzini, PhD, asked me to introduce the journal to the international community of the IARPP as the covered subjects are very close to the interests of IARPP members and he believes any kind of cultural exchange would be very fruitful.

The address of the journal and the Editor are:
Dr. Alberto Lorenzini
Via Santa Maria, 17
56011 Calci, PisA

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New Training Program in Israel
The advanced training program in contemporary (psychodynamic and relational) body-psychotherapy, Ramat Hasharon, Israel

We are delighted to announce the launching of our three-year advanced training program in contemporary body-psychotherapy.

The training is directed by Dr. Asaf Rolef Ben-Shahar who is joined by a team of experienced and talented teachers, offering a unique training experience in psychodynamic and relational body-psychotherapy. The training is aimed at experienced mental-health clinicians and integrates in-depth theoretical, experiential, and clinical studies.

The training course will enable participants to integrate principles, models, diagnostic tools and practical techniques from the rich world of body-psychotherapy into their clinical practice in a professional, ethical manner, while grounding their understanding with sound theoretical and historical context.

For further details please check here http://www.mindbody.co.il/main/documents/gof

Looking forward to seeing you,

Dr. Asaf Rolef Ben-Shahar, Director of Training
Jerusalem, Israel

Elad Hadad – Head of philosophy chapter
Shai Epstein – Head of diagnostic chapter


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